Estimate of satellite vs. Land-based traffic

Marshall Eubanks tme at
Thu Jan 8 12:00:54 UTC 2009

On Jan 8, 2009, at 6:29 AM, Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Marshall Eubanks <tme at> writes:
>> When I was working with Svalbard, Internet connectivity was through a
>> satellite link at about 2.5 degrees
>> elevation looking through a notch in the mountains.  I don't think it
>> has changed
> It has, as Steinar says.
> For those interested in the necessary elevation at 78 degrees north, I
> found a nice picture of the antennas here:
> There aren't any mountains in front of the the antennas.  However  
> there
> is a mountain between Isfjord Radio and Longyearbyen (the main
> settlement), requiring a relay station on the radio link between  
> these.

The NyAlesund SGO

is some distance North of Longyearbyen (how many places can say  
that ?), and I used to have
a nice picture, which alas I cannot find, of the satellite link (not  
the 20 meter dish in the picture) apparently pointing at the mountains.

It does indeed have fiber now, and has been used for eVLBI


> Bjørn

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