Estimate of satellite vs. Land-based traffic

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It depends on where in some cases. Take Greenland for example. Prior to Tele Greenland possibly completing the Greenland Connect cable[1] real soon now (Halifax to Nuuk, Nuuk to Iceland, branched to Qaqortoq, with xcon to UK and Denmark) I seem to recall that a large amount of their capacity was via satellite from Godthab(Nuuk) to Denmark.

In this case, you're likely talking 100%. Almost all of your remote cases are going to be in a similiar situation ie. Svarlsbad, most stuff above t~N60^ parallel (or so) etc.

[1] Tele Greenland IT News Item (see last paragraph, Brian Buus Pedersen is Tele's CEO)


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Participting in a severe solar event EXERCISE.  Can anyone give me an
educated guesstimate of the percentage of backbone traffic that is
satellite dependent vs. that which is totally land-based?


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