Ethical DDoS drone network

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Jan 6 00:45:40 UTC 2009

Roland Dobbins wrote:
> In my experience, once one has an understanding of the performance 
> envelopes and has built a lab which contains examples of the functional 
> elements of the system (network infrastructure, servers, apps, 
> databases, clients, et. al.), one can extrapolate pretty accurately well 
> out to orders of magnitude.

> The problem is that many organizations don't do the above prior to 
> freezing the design and initiating deployment.

Sadly, I think money and time have a lot to do with this. Technology is 
a moving target, and everyone is constantly struggling to keep up while 
maintaining performance/security.

I've seen this out of software developers, too. I'd say I've seen more 
outages due to a simple command typed into a router cli crashing the 
router than DDoS traffic. Perhaps I've been lucky with the latter.


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