Leap second tonight

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Mon Jan 5 22:57:38 UTC 2009

Peter Beckman wrote:
>     * GMT is used to imply UT1, but sometimes UTC, but really GMT is just
>       massively confusing and you shouldn't use it, either in conversation
>       or in your servers/routers, because nobody is really sure without
>       reading a lot of documentation what GMT means for each
>       manufacturer/OS/software.

WET/WEST is a little more precise and less confusing than GMT/BST (or 
IST if you're of a more celtic nature, although this confuses people 
living on the Indian subcontinent) although in tz-land, GMT has a 
specific and pretty consistent definition.  But it is generally a bad 
idea to use it.  People get confused.

>     * When writing code regarding dates and times, know that any year may
>       have 366 days, and any minute may have 61 seconds.

Or 59 seconds in the case of a negative leap second.


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