Ethical DDoS drone network

Mon Jan 5 16:54:06 UTC 2009

 There are some assumptions here. First are you considering volumetric
DDOS attacks? Second, if you plan on harvesting wild bots and using them
to serve your purpose then I don't see how this can be ethical unless
they are just clients from your own network making it less distributed.
You would then have to have this in your AUP allowing you to do this.
Hmm, I really don't know what you would gain by this. Not knowing what
your network looks like...but assuming your somewhat scaled, I would
think this could all be done in the lab.

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Say for instance one wanted to create an "ethical botnet," how would
this be done in a manner that is legal, non-abusive toward other
networks, and unquestionably used for legitimate internal security
purposes? How does your company approach this dilemma?

Our company for instance has always relied on outside attacks to spot
check our security and i'm beginning to think there may be a more user
friendly alternative.


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