Security team successfully cracks SSL using 200 PS3's and MD5

Joe Greco jgreco at
Fri Jan 2 21:30:51 CST 2009

> Neil wrote:
> >>Do people here really so quickly forget things?  There was a talk on
> >>Carnivore given in 2000 at NANOG 20, IIRC, and I believe that one of the
> >>instigating causes of that talk was problems that Earthlink had experienced
> >>when the FBI had deployed Carnivore there.
> > Naturally.  The NSA isn't filled with theorists who want to get the
> > job done the "right" way.  They have a mission to fulfill, and they'll
> > use whatever tool works to get it done.
> Just a slight point of order, here. Carnivore (and its successor, 
> DCS1000) were used by, and developed by, the FBI. The NSA use other 
> stuff. Let's get back to reality, anyway.

Both the FBI and NSA are our "national security people."  Since there are
not many visible examples of failures of NSA technology, and because such
failures are more likely to be covered up, pointing out an obvious screwup
that was more readily visible seems reasonable.  As a further point of
order, I expect that the NSA has access to any tools that the FBI has
developed, if and when they ask for them, especially now, in our new and
less compartmentalized homeland security infrastructure.

Unless, of course, you're saying that you work for the NSA and you
actually know this not to be the case, in which case, do tell.

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