Leap second tonight

Steven Saner ssaner at hubris.net
Thu Jan 1 01:20:28 UTC 2009

Jon Meek wrote:
> My Solaris 10 boxes are all happy (and did not reboot). I monitor NTP
> on a number
> of devices, including one router. The router was off by one second for
> a while, but
> is OK after an hour. Everything else was fine immediately.
> In 2005, our CDMA clock got the leap second between 15:08 and 15:38
> EST creating
> some issues due to disagreement with the (too few) GPS clocks.
> Jon
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Wil Schultz <wschultz at bsdboy.com> wrote:
>> At which point my Solaris 10 v490's reboot in unison, lovely.
>> Anyone else see anything interesting?
>> -wil

I run a bunch of Slackware Linux boxes of varying versions. As best as I can 
tell, at or around 00:00 UTC all of my Slackware 12.0 boxes crashed with a 
kernel panic. I don't think it is ntpd because it is the same version as on 12.1 
boxes (4.2.4p0) that did not crash. It may be the kernel:

Anyone else experience similar or was this coincidental and I have other issues...


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