Documentation of switch maps

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Thu Feb 26 19:11:16 UTC 2009

Dear Blake,

> Had a customer come to me this morning who wanted to create a document 
> for their switching infrastructure and thought I would bounce it off the 
> rest of the world on how you usually do this.  Typically I use a 
> spreadsheet with outlines to define the "switch" and then outlines for 
> the ports and color coding for vlan's as well as a description of the 
> port.  Curious what other people are doing, as this would be a huge 
> undertaking for a customer who is using an entire /19 of rfc 1918 ip 
> addresses and has well over 150 switches and 40 active vlans.  The want 
> to be able to look at this document and pull up any switch and look at 
> the port and be able to see what vlan the port is on, as well as what 
> device it is connected to as well as port channel membership, trunks and 
> other fun things like that.  Needless to say their documentation is 
> lacking on the physical connectivity however their cisco infrastructure 
> does have labels on every port that goes to a named device outside of 
> the DHCP pools.  Thoughts?

I use wiki.

1 page switch:
1	uplink
2 	server2
24	donwlink

1 page vlans:
ports:	sw1: 1+, 2, 3, 24+
 	sw2: 1+, 4, 5

+ means tagged

kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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