Yahoo and their mail filters..

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> We found this issue to be associated usually with users forwarding 
> email to
> a Yahoo account.  If spam slips by our spam filters and gets forwarded 
> where
> the enduser reports it as spam not realizing the impact on their 
> actions.
> In the last couple of years we have been not allowing people to 
> forward
> their accounts to yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc.  Too much of a headache.
> Chuck

I could see that if my situation was where I was forwarding to a 
personal yahoo account, but these are business customers that aren't 
able to whitelist who they recieve email from.  I just checked in their 
domain panel and see no options of setting any whitelisting or spam 
settings in the yahoo's business email control panel.  My current 
solution is to just move their email away from yahoo competely and just 
host it here with the rest of my corporate email users.


Micheal Patterson

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