slightly OT: wall mount UPS for demarc

Jay Hennigan jay at
Wed Feb 25 18:19:07 UTC 2009

Peter Pauly wrote:
> I'm looking to buy several small wall mounted UPS's to power a telco's
> metro ethernet switches. (Yes, they should have provided some kind of
> protection, but won't).
> The closest suitable UPS I've found is this:
> Can anyone suggest a better alternative?
> I want something sturdy, preferably metal, that can screw to a wall
> and be worry free for years at a time.

Any UPS will have batteries, probably sealed lead-acid for a small UPS. 
  That is likely to negate "worry free for years at a time", especially 
if wall-mounted in an unconditioned demarc/MPOE closet as opposed to a 
temperature-controlled data center.

At a minimum, plan on an annual visit to do routine maintenance and load 
test the batteries.  You'll be lucky to get more than three years of 
service out of them.

A typical Chatsworth, etc. 19-inch rack shelf available in various 
depths can be flipped around and screwed to a wall to support many of 
the stand-alone UPSes.

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