Yahoo and their mail filters..

Ray Corbin rcorbin at
Wed Feb 25 17:49:21 UTC 2009

Maybe its me...but I don't recall seeing a 'this is spam button' for Postini. I know there is an email you can report spam to, but I doubt there is an automated process for it. I have had great success with Postini thus far and have used them for a few years.


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Seth Mattinen wrote:
> In a perfect world, the spam button would only affect delivery to that
> user, not everyone. Especially when they go all rabid click crazy on the
> spam button for personal correspondence from their mom.

I accuse postini of having exactly this vulnerabillity - that one user 
classing mail as spam automatically means it marks all other mail from 
that user to everyone else.  There really outta be some transparency 
here so that everyone understands the how and the why of 'spam' 


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