Yahoo and their mail filters..

Peter Beckman beckman at
Wed Feb 25 17:08:11 UTC 2009

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Richey wrote:

> AOL's Scomp is spam it's self.   If I read though 100 messages maybe one
> message is really spam.   The other 99 are jokes, regular emails, maybe a
> news letter from their church, etc.   Most people are lazy and would rather
> click on the Spam button instead of unsubscribing for a list they subscribed
> to in the first place.

  Why the hell can't AOL integrate the standard listserv commands integrated
  into many subscription emails into a friggin' button in their email
  client, right next to "Spam" (or even in place of it) that says

  I realize it could be used badly if globalized, but if AOL got off their
  duff and vetted some of the higher volume truly honest subscription
  emailers and allowed their emails to activate the Spam->Unsub button, it
  might save everyone some headaches.

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