Yahoo and their mail filters..

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Wed Feb 25 04:26:35 UTC 2009

For our userbase with yahoo/hotmail/aol accouts they hit the spam button more often than delete.  Then complain they do not get emails anymore from us, then want discounts on a bill of sale they missed. It is a never ending story.

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> SPF records aren't being recognized, I've been running them for some time
> now so it would seem that they're not honoring them.

Christ .. Yahoo did say "complaints".  And it can take a very low
level of complaints before a block goes into place - especially for
low volume (corporate etc) mailservers.

Feedback loops are one cure, and another cure is keeping complaint volumes down.

* Do you have an unfiltered NAT gateway pointed to the same IP as your
corporate MTA?

* Do you have any large spam sources in close proximity to you?  Like
you are colo'd on a /28 and someone else has a /27 or /26 in the same
/24 that's emitting tons of spam (assuming colo).  Or you have your
mailserver hosted on a dsl pool (even a business class dsl pool) in
which case your server is an island of valid mail in a large swamp of
virus traffic

* Do you have a marketing department that might be slightly overactive?

etc etc.


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