Yahoo and their mail filters..

Micheal Patterson micheal at
Wed Feb 25 02:27:42 UTC 2009

This may be old news, but I've not been in the list for quite some time. At 
any rate, is anyone else having issues with Yahoo blocking / deferring 
legitimate emails?

My situation is that I host our corporate mx'ers on my network, one of the 
companies that we recently purchased has Yahoo hosting their domains mail. 
Mail traffic to them is getting temporarily deferred with the "421 4.7.0 
[TS01] Messages from temporarily deferred due to user 
complaints -;

The admin of the facility has contacted Yahoo about this but their response 
was for "more information" when they were told that traffic from my mx to 
their domain was to being deferred.  I may end up just having them migrate 
to my systems just to maintain company communications if we can't clear this 
up in a timely manner.

Micheal Patterson

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