switch speed question

Brian Feeny bfeeny at mac.com
Mon Feb 23 15:20:13 UTC 2009

Can you elaborate a bit on your question?  The fastest "Gig switches"  
can do 1GB full speed on the port.  There are many that can do that.
Do you have a particular density you need to do full speed with? Any  
particular features?  Are you looking at any particular models now, in  
others words have you
even begun to explore this before posting here?  Are you looking at  
Layer 3 switching, I assume you are since you are asking about CEF.   
Every manufacturer has a way
of switching the packets, Cisco uses CEF, and yes if you enable CEF  
its a big difference vs. a netgear gig switch from best buy, but I  
think you are wanting more of an answer than that
and you just need to give us some more info.


On Feb 23, 2009, at 10:08 AM, Deric Kwok wrote:

> Hi
> Can you share your experience what is fastest Gig switch?
> I see there is CEF feature in cisco.
> ls it big different when i enable it in switch vs other switch?
> ls there any problem?
> Thank you

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