FW: Ctrl+Shift+6 then X

Ivan Pepelnjak ip at ioshints.info
Mon Feb 23 09:54:09 UTC 2009

Just configure a different escape character with "terminal escape x". For
example, "term esc 3" will make Ctrl/C the escape character (and Ctrl/C+X
the escape sequence). Ctrl/^ is "somewhat" hard to get on "some" terminal
emulators :)


> > If anyone can tell me how to resolve this issue there's a strong
> possibility
> > of a fedex'd beer. 
> > 
> > Using Putty or any other ssh/telnet terminal I find that 
> Ctrl+Shift+6 
> > then
> X
> > (on a cisco) works only sometimes after beating your 
> keyboard multiple
> times
> > with a hammer, has anyone else come across or had a solution to this
> problem

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