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Sun Feb 22 18:45:13 UTC 2009

Very true. You'll be hard pressed to find an IP/transit/dark fiber
provider who is going to agree to be liable for anything except what
you've paid in the event of an SLA violation.


On 2/22/09, Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at> wrote:
> On Feb 22, 2009, at 1:26 PM, JC Dill wrote:
>> Seth Mattinen wrote:
>>> If I give someone money to do something, and they fail to meet the
>>> contracted metrics, what else can they give me except money back?
>> They can pay a penalty.  Simply giving you your money back may not
>> make you whole.  Many businesses could make out like a bandit if
>> they don't have to pay a penalty when they don't perform, but just
>> give you your money back.  In some lines of business (e.g.
>> residential rental housing) we have laws to protect buyers (renters)
>> that stipulate penalties when sellers (landlords) don't provide the
>> services (livable housing) required by law, in addition to refund of
>> the fee (rent) paid for the services.
>> Giving you your money back when you didn't get the goods isn't
>> really providing an SLA, it's simply not defrauding the customer.
> That ain't gonna happen.
> The housing laws you mention are the exception, not the rule.  Very,
> very, very few businesses have any liability for lack of performance
> other than the money you paid them.  And some not even that.
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