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Steven King sking at
Sat Feb 21 16:52:23 UTC 2009

I can't even get reliable home cable internet service from them. No way
I would ever consider using them for transit. I would only consider a
stub peer with them to help out the poor Comcast customers who are also
trying to get to my data centers.

Owen DeLong wrote:
> Fair warning, Comcast is totally into the bait and switch game.
> Talk to any 3 people at Comcast and you will receive at least 4
> different answers about what is or isn't included.
> Having a particular offer in writing makes no difference to them.
> I will be contacting the Santa Clara County District Attorney about
> my experiences with Comcast in violation of CA B&P code S17500
> soon. I spent the last two months trying repeatedly to get Comcast
> to recognize and live up to their obligations under the offer they
> originally extended to me.  They waffled for a very long time before
> I finally reached someone who flat-out told me that they were not
> ever going to deliver what was promised.
> Owen
> On Feb 20, 2009, at 8:26 PM, John Martinez wrote:
>> Does any one here use comcast's ethernet services?
>> If so, what is their price range?
>> Thanks in advance.

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