Craptastic Service! (was: Re: comcast price check)

Ryan A. Krenzischek ryan at
Sat Feb 21 05:46:44 UTC 2009

Yes, they do.  You can find more information here:

Although, I'm sufficiently disappointed with Comcast's Business Cable 
service.  I have had them since 6-NOV-2008 and they took 4 months and 1 
week to fix a cabling problem at the head-end for my business Internet. 
Apparently the head-end was wired wrong in regards to how power was 
supplied to it.  I had nothing but dropped packets and latency (400-500 
MS, sometimes 1200 MS) problems.  I lost so much business.  I tried 
multiple times to speak with a manager but they would only pick up their 
phone after I sat for 30 minutes with the phone, pressing the redial key 
and placed 60 calls to them.  I had to call their corporate office and 
file a complaint.  I am still having dropped packet issues.

Comcast support also had the nerve to say it was my equipment and that I 
should immediately disconnect everything.  Remind me again how is it my 
problem with *MY* equipment when the modem takes 25 minutes to sync/lock 
on the upstream channel?

I would *highly* recommend a T1 or partial T3.  While they are more 
expensive and highly reliable, AT&T or other major telcos will fix the 
problem within a reasonable SLA.  Comcast does NOT have a SLA.  It took 4 
months to fix my problems on a business account.

A Very Unhappy Comcast Customer,

Ryan Krenzischek

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Steven King wrote:

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> Comcast has an Ethernet service?
> John Martinez wrote:
>> Does any one here use comcast's ethernet services?
>> If so, what is their price range?
>> Thanks in advance.

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