Comprehensive community Guideline and Policies for an AS

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Fri Feb 20 14:35:35 UTC 2009

I am looking to put together a comprehensive BGP communities guideline 
and policies for an AS starting from a blank slate.

When I say comprehensive, I mean covers *everything* that is known to be 
best practice such as:

Route Type
Learned from Peers
Learned from Peers Peers
Learned from Transits
Learned from Customers
Learned from Customers Customers
Advertise to Peers
Advertise to Peers Peers
Advertise to Transits
Advertise to Customers
Advertise to Customers Customers
Local Preferences
No exports
No advertise
Leaking to Peers/Transits/Customers

And anything else I may have overlooked.

Naturally, the resulting policy needs to be easily implementable on 
current IOS.

My own experience and the publicly available information doesnt even 
come close to a consensus on the objectives that should be handled, let 
alone the number patterns preferred to be used.

What I am looking for is a best practice guide on community policy setup.

Barring that, I plan to continue examining every publicly published 
guideline to try to produce one, but likely as not it will suffer from 
the all to common human failing of shortsightedness.



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