real hardware router VS linux router

William Hamilton bill at
Fri Feb 20 09:51:04 UTC 2009

> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> Ryan Harden wrote:
>>> While you could probably build a linux router that is just as fast as a
>>> real hardware router, you're always going to run into the moving pieces
>>> part of the equation.
>> Not if you boot directly from USB key into memory with no disk drive.
>> Steve
> I am sorry, but this is wrong. A USB Key is another 'PC Architecture'
> that DOES NOT WORK for network devices. There is NO positive mechanical
> force to keep that thing inserted, and the way a USB Key would hang off
> most devices with a USB port, would put it at very high risk for being
> accidentally bumped / disconnected.

It's already been suggested that a glue gun would be useful here,
especially if you have a thumbnail sized USB drive.

> Secondly, there are still many many PC Architecture boxen that
> still do not boot correctly from USB.

This is true, but when you are buying hardware specifically for it's
ability to boot off USB then it's assumed that the purchaser would do
their research, so something of a moot point.


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