real hardware router VS linux router

mike mike-nanog at
Thu Feb 19 23:56:14 UTC 2009

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Ryan Harden wrote:
>> While you could probably build a linux router that is just as fast as a
>> real hardware router, you're always going to run into the moving pieces
>> part of the equation.
> Not if you boot directly from USB key into memory with no disk drive.
> Steve
I am sorry, but this is wrong. A USB Key is another 'PC Architecture' 
that DOES NOT WORK for network devices. There is NO positive mechanical 
force to keep that thing inserted, and the way a USB Key would hang off 
most devices with a USB port, would put it at very high risk for being 
accidentally bumped / disconnected. Secondly, there are still many many 
PC Architecture boxen that still do not boot correctly from USB.


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