do I need to maintain with RADB?

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Most of all my providers use a route registry and if they don't I would question it. I am all for a route registry but can we adopt one or one of X registries which I think is what is happening. For my ease of management I would like to use one and also pay (and budget) for one since its the same information (or should be).

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No.  Use of a routing registry is not required.. ARIN's, RADB's or 
otherwise.  You might want to check out this presentation:

This is an entirely different statement from "Your globally unique IP's 
should to be allocated to you in an RIR's database before someone routes 
them for you"   For example is allocated to us, you can 
see it in ARIN's whois, but it is not registered in ARIN's IRRD, or any 

As further proof - note that people publicly route resources that aren't 
registered in a "routing registry database" or even registered to them 
by an RIR at all:

I'm not saying this is a good thing.. I would like to see the system 
drastically improved and secured.. I'm just pointing out how things 
actually work today.

Check w/ your provider, but in most cases you will find that they don't 
use a route registry.


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Jon Lewis wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Feb 2009, Zaid Ali wrote:
>> Hi, need some advise here. Do I still need to maintain my objects (and 
>> pay) RADB? I use ARIN as source and all my route objects can be 
>> verified with a whois.
> If your objects are all maintained via another routing registry (ARIN's, 
> altdb, etc.) and you don't care to maintain objects with, 
> then you do not need to pay RADB maintenance fees.
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