real hardware router VS linux router

Bill Nash billn at
Thu Feb 19 20:30:52 UTC 2009

You know you're off track when..

What operational relevance does this conversation, or the similiar  
ones that came before it, have? Are there a bunch in production  
contributing to the degradation of the best route between me and this  
video of cute kittens I'm trying to watch? Did something of this breed  
cause some eastern europe bgp flappy flappy this week? I've got BGP  
and OSPF speaking Linux machines under my care, but I don't think  
everyone wants to hear about them unless they're out of control like  
the cast of Lord of the Flies set loose in a supermarket.

Having carped, I'm obligated to offer a solution:
The technical discussion is certainly interesting to a small subset of  
NANOG participants, I'm sure (I do find it interesting, I promise),  
but I'm thinking this conversation is better elsewhere, like a beer &  
gear, or might I recommend forming some kind of nanog-shoptalk sub  
list? Is there one like it? Something for discussing the network  
substrata and not the weather a few layers up? I'm aware of stuff like  
c-nsp/j-nsp, but the Linux router crowd has it's own niche and there's  
certainly a place for discussing them, I just don't think it's.. here.

- billn

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