real hardware router VS linux router

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Thu Feb 19 17:15:42 UTC 2009

this plattform can handle about
100.000pps and 400mbit 1500byte packets with freebsd
 	4x pci 32bit, 33mhz intel gbit
 	1gb cf-card
 	1gb ram

with this hardware even more pps should be possible:
 	7x pcie (1lane each) connected network

add freebsd-net mailinglist people achieved nearly 1.000.000pps with 
servers (hp-servers)

I suggest to use freebsd os if quagga is the routing daemon as 
quagga runs more stable than on linux.

I have currently 300days uptime at my border routers (2x FW-7550), last 
week I had a peak with 230mbit's; no problem to handle.

Kind regards,
         ingo flaschberger

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