real hardware router VS linux router

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In scaling upward. How would a linux router even if a kernel guru were to tweak and compile an optimized build, compare to a 7600/RSP720CXL or a Juniper PIC in ASIC? At some point packets/sec becomes a limitation I would think.


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While you could probably build a linux router that is just as fast as a
real hardware router, you're always going to run into the moving pieces
part of the equation.

In almost all scenarios, moving parts are more prone to failure than
non-moving parts.

Regardless of what you find out in your research, consider the above in
your cost-benefit analysis.


Deric Kwok wrote:
> Hi All
> Actually, what is the different hardware router VS linux router?
> Have you had experience to compare real router eg: cisco VS linux router?
> eg: streaming speed... tcp / udp
> Thank you for your information

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