IPv6 Confusion

Ralph Droms rdroms at cisco.com
Thu Feb 19 13:41:49 UTC 2009

Independent of this conversation, there has been some parallel  
interest in this problem area in the IETF.  There is enough interest  
to suggest writing a draft defining additional options for DHCPv6 to  
allow "DHCPv6-only" operation.

I'm writing as chair of the dhc WG to ask you, the operators who are  
asking for these extensions to DHCPv6, to provide clear technical  
requirements.  What problem are you trying to solve and how do you  
want to solve it?

Reply directly to me - no need for further congestion on this mailing  
list - and we can discuss those requirements.  The deadline for draft  
publication prior to the upcoming IETF meeting in SF is March 3, so  
please respond soon.

Thanks in advance...

- Ralph

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