IPv6 Confusion

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The really scary thing is that deploying carrier-grade NAT might be cheaper
to the service provider than rolling IPv6 to its residential subscribers.


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The big iron folks are proposing something called "Carrier Grade
NAT". This one REALLY frightens me, but I understand a couple of hardware
manufacturers are planning on building such a monster. It might actually
work, but the amount of state carried strikes me as in invitation to
disaster. There was a draft on CNG, but it expired last month. A copy is
still available at:

Also, a proposal for a different approach is at:
http://mice.cs.columbia.edu/getTechreport.php?techreportID=560 (PDF)

If you are really concerned about where we go whan v4 address space is
exhausted, I strongly urge you to look at all of these issues.
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