IPv6 Confusion

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Feb 19 07:55:15 UTC 2009

>  This may be where Randy Bush derives his "IVTF"  label.

not exactly.  see <http://archive.psg.com/051000.ccr-ivtf.pdf>.

> Yes, there have been attempts to bridge the two camps, but I suspect  
> the only way to really address this is a fundamental shift in the way  
> the IETF does business, taking into account the fact that network  
> operators and end users, by and large, are not the implementors of  
> protocols and don't actually care how they are implemented, but rather  
> the folks who define what the protocols need to do.  I'll admit some  
> skepticism that such a change is actually feasible.

standards bodies used to be composed of users meeting to drive vendors
to common specs so the users had freedom of choice and inter-operation.
the ietf has become vendors inventing new and ever more complex features
to drive users to minimal margins.


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