Cisco NOS

Anton Kapela tkapela at
Wed Feb 18 15:28:11 UTC 2009

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 3:51 PM, Bryant Valencia <bvlmv5 at> wrote:
> Has anybody hired Cisco for their NOS (Network Optimization Services)? I
> would like to hear about your experience (good or bad).
> I'm particularly interested in their CNC box.

Either this is merely exquisite acronym collision, or someone from
marketing was been slamming too much and reading
about botnets on the FUNSEC list.

As for the service, one of my old clients has been engaging Cisco for
some years now for a variety of needs. The reports are, in their
subjective use, basically positive.

My opinion is simply that it's a formalization of stuff Cisco has been
doing for years. That is, doing the good engineering and planning work
that many organizations are not (for any number of reasons) doing
themselves. When it comes to the sale of box A, B, and C, (where the
value of the set is not obvious to, say, a rural co-op ILEC management
team) a vendor providing 'staff embedded' engineering can easily be a
determining factor in winning or losing.


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