IPv6 Confusion

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Feb 18 01:55:53 UTC 2009

In message <33415E7E-23F2-45F2-9281-AB1685DEE4CE at virtualized.org>, David Conrad
> On Feb 17, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> >> (which was never fully
> >> thought out -- how does a autoconfig'd device get a DNS name
> >> associated with their address in a DNSSEC-signed world again?) and
> >> letting network operators use DHCP with IPv6 the way they do with  
> >> IPv4.
> > 	David you know as well as I do that DNSSEC is a orthognal
> > 	issue here.
> My understanding, which may well be wrong, is that:
> - stateless auto-configuration assumes the client will update the  
> address to name association once it has obtained the address.
> - In order to do this, the DNS server needs to support Dynamic DNS.
> - If DNSSEC is in use, it requires the use of on-line signing keys.
> - Security folks get unhappy when you mention on-line signing keys.

	Security is about managing risk not eleminating all risks
	as that is a unobtainable goal.  Security folks that don't
	understand that don't understand their jobs.

> Solution?
> - Don't have address to name associations
> - Don't worry about (or accept lesser) security on address to name  
> associations.

	DNSSEC is design to work with off-line signing if that is
	the security level you require.  It doesn't however require
	off-line signing.

	A HSM which just prevents access to the private key is more
	than enough for most deployment senarios.

> Of course the DNSSEC bit is sort of moot, as I suspect there aren't a  
> whole lot of ISPs in a position to support dynamic updates from  
> clients...

	Actually I suspect they are all in a position to do so as
	the software to do this was deployed by the major vendors
	last century.

	What it takes is for them to move from the arcane dialup
	model where there was not point in doing this to the
	semi-static model where there is a point in letting the
	leasees have the ability to record the names of their
	machines in the DNS.  In otherwords ISP's need to enter the
	21st century.


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