anyone else seeing very long AS paths?

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Feb 17 21:25:56 UTC 2009

Steven Saner wrote:
> What is not yet clear is, what are the definitions of "Old IOS release" 
> and "New IOS release"? There has been talk of a bug referred to as 
> CSCdr54230. I have seen statements on another list that this was fixed 
> in 12.1(4) and 12.0(10)S3, but yet this problem was experienced on such 
> releases as 12.2(40). Has there been any definitive word yet on what it 
> takes to qualify as a new IOS release?

I believe we are looking at multiple bugs with similar effects at 
different boundaries. Cisco, per earlier in the thread, will be having 
lots of coffee tonight. :)


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