IPv6 Confusion

Nathan Ward nanog at daork.net
Tue Feb 17 20:45:44 UTC 2009

On 18/02/2009, at 9:32 AM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Here are a couple of implementations of DHCPv6, including one that  
> also
> works under Windows. I played with one of them on my Linux boxes a
> while back (I can't remember exactly which one), and it just worked:
> https://fedorahosted.org/dhcpv6/
> http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/

Installable implementations don't really count if this is something my  
mother has to use. Perhaps an ISP gives customers a little "enabler"  
app to run that installs a DHCPv6 client, but that sounds nasty.  
Flashbacks to AOL/compuserve install disks.

SLAAC works out of the box right now for dual-stack hosts (ie. they  
can get DNS resolvers on v4).
That is fine for the mean time, if you are planning to go IPv6-only to  
end hosts then things are going to get hard, stick with IPv4 NAT for  
now until OS X gets DHCPv6, and people have moved off XP and older OS  
X boxes.

...or, until we have another way of getting resolvers that has  
widespread adoption..

Nathan Ward

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