Happy 1234567890 everyone!

Sachs, Marcus Hans (Marc) marcus.sachs at verizon.com
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What about embedded systems (I'm thinking PCS, SCADA, ICS, etc.) that run a micro version of *nix?  Wonder how many of them will still be warm but confused in January of 2038? 


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* Mark Andrews:

> In message <ef3daad70902131706x2277ac5fp5cc243ffff354998 at mail.gmail.com>, Nathan Malynn writes:
>> Question about 2k38: Aren't most Unixoid systems using 64-bit clocks now?
> 	No.  Even if they were you have 32 bit timestamps in lots
> 	of things that have to be handled even if time/time64 returns
> 	a 64 bit timestamp.

Those values can often be interpreted as unsigned, so we get another
68 years.  By then, hopefully, the required protocol updates can be
fully automated.

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