Global Blackhole Service

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Fri Feb 13 17:29:06 UTC 2009


I would be interested in participating with a destination blackhole 
service, so long as peers were authenticated and only authorized to 
advertise /32s out of space that they are assigned -- hopefully the same 
OrgID is used for the ASN as the IP allocations.

However, a blackhole service based on sources would be out of the 
question altogether in my book, unless paired with a number of third 
parties that could vet the "badness" of those source IPs, as is done 
with spam zombies. Even then I'd be very nervous about it from a "causes 
more [potential] problems than it fixes" standpoint, no matter how cool 
it would be to defang a DDoS.

As for the memory requirements / "oh no! too many routes!" issue, that 
would be a non-issue for me.

Feel free to contact me off-list if you're serious about starting this 
project. I think that it would be worth it to talk to the Team Cymru 
guys to see if they'd be interested in this.


Jens Ott - PlusServer AG wrote:
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> Hi,
> in the last 24 hours we received two denial of service attacks with something
> like 6-8GBit volume. It did not harm us too much, but e.g. one of our
> upstreams got his Amsix-Port exploded.
> With our upstreams we have remote-blackhole sessions running where we announce
> /32 prefixes to blackhole at their edge, but this does not work with our
> peers. Also our Decix-Port received something like 2Gbit extra-traffic during
> this DoS.
> I can imagine, that for some peers, especially for the once having only a thin
> fiber (e.g. 1GBit) to Decix, it's not to funny having it flooded with a DoS
> and that they might be interested in dropping such traffic at their edge.
> Well I could discuss with my peers (at least the once who might get in trouble
> with such issue) to do some individual config for some blackhole-announcement,
> but most probably I'm not the only one receiving DoS and who would be
> interested in such setup.
> Therefore I had the following idea: Why not taking one of my old routers and
> set it up as blackhole-service. Then everyone who is interested could set up a
> session to there and
> 1.) announce /32 (/128) routes out of his prefixes to blackhole them
> 2.) receive all the /32 (/128) announcements from the other peers with the IPs
> they want to have blackholed and rollout the blackhole to their network.
> My questions to all of you:
> - - What do you think about such service?
> - - Would you/your ASN participate in such a service?
> - - Do you see some kind of usefull feature in such a service?
> - - Do you have any comments?
> Thank you for telling me your opinions and best regards
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