Global Blackhole Service

Paul Vixie vixie at
Fri Feb 13 16:57:24 UTC 2009

< at> wrote:
> > > - - What do you think about such service?
> > > - - Would you/your ASN participate in such a service?
> > > - - Do you see some kind of usefull feature in such a service?
> > > - - Do you have any comments?

----- "Suresh Ramasubramanian" <ops.lists at> wrote:
> > Ah. from about a decade back when it was available as
> > a bgp feed. But only for ddos sources.

Nuno Vieira - nfsi telecom <nuno.vieira at> writes:

> But in the meanwhile, a decade later, it does not longer exist.

it still exists (same ASN, different bgp peer address) as a commercial
service now operated by Trend Micro.  noncommercial alternatives exist,
considering here the Spamhaus and Cymru offerings.  (i regret that i 
was unable to continue the service noncommercially, but lawyers are
expensive, and volunteers burn out faster than employees, and so on.)

> In fact, the first link that google gave out, says that this project is
> dead at least 2 years ago.

fun.  perhaps i'll stop getting 100+ queries per second to the nameservers
of some day before i die, now that google is on my side.

> I think that we all have a real opportunity here for make something that
> can be useful to all.

i think Spamhaus and Cymru are way ahead of you in implementing such a thing,
and it's likely that there are even commercial alternatives to Trend Micro
although i have not kept up on those details.
Paul Vixie

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