Looking for someone to bounce some Fore questions off of

Fouant, Stefan Stefan.Fouant at neustar.biz
Fri Feb 13 01:18:49 UTC 2009

Is anybody still using this stuff? I would have thought most of that gear was relegated to the junk yard, but apparently not.

Seriously though it's been a loooong time, but at one point I was pretty good configuring and designing networks with the ASX-1200s and the ASX-4000 devices.  I might even be able to pull some PNNI configurations out of my head if I clear out some of the cobwebs first.  Feel free to ping me if I might be of service.

Stefan Fouant
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From: Jason Lixfeld <jason at lixfeld.ca>
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Subject: Looking for someone to bounce some Fore questions off of

My google ninja foo seems to suck as I'm coming up empty looking for a  
forum or mailing list for Fore ATM related stuff.  I'm pretty green to  
the Fore ASX line, and I'm in a position at the moment where I need to  
try to figure out why something seems to be misbehaving.  Not sure if  
it's me or the provider or what, so if someone with some experience  
with this type of gear has a few cycles and can ping me off list, I'd  
appreciate it.

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