World famous cabling disasters?

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I generally find datacom closets looking a lot worse than telecom closets.


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The main telephone room in every commercial tower I've ever had the
displeasure of spending any time in was a disaster.  I love how the
circuits all use the same color wiring between the 100 pair 66 blocks
that were so covered in crud that just touching them would turn your
fingers black.

The closet(s) next to the elevator shafts on any given floor were more
of the same on a smaller scale.

It's not any particular RBOC, I've seen this same crap in Nynex, Bell
Atlantic, GTE, Bell South, and Pac Bell territory.  I have no doubt that
Southwest Bell, Ameritech and US West sucked just as badly.

You don't have to look far or go to exotic places to find this kind of
thing.  Telco 'techs' are their own special breed of people who will be
up against the wall come the day.


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There are several results for overhead outdoor wiring that just
boggle the mind and inspire awe.  Those pictures are my inspiration
I pull cable.


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> That's quality engineering
> Great pic
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> On Feb 10, 2009, at 10:16 PM, joe mcguckin wrote:
> > I'm looking for a couple of pictures of the worst cabling
> > infrastructure ever seem. One Wilshire meet me room comes to mind.
> > Anyone got any links to their photo albums, etc?
> I've always considered this the worst:
>    <>
> Google shows lots of pictures, such as <
> p=1836>.
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