Cogent Question - Increments Question

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Wed Feb 11 23:30:29 UTC 2009

Hi there...


First off, I want to make it very clear ... I'm NOT looking for a Cogent
sales person to call nor am I actually looking for pricing itself.


What I'm looking for feedback on is from existing customers and whether
or not Cogent sold you the option to step up in 10 meg increments from
10 up to 100 on a FE.


Back when we dealt with them as a service provider, the answer was "100
or nothing" but I'm working with a couple of clients on a consulting
basis who only need 10 or 20 meg bandwidth requirements and are hung up
on using Cogent.  On their pricing it shows 10 meg increments - is their
enterprise customers different from their service provider customers on
product offering?  I've only dealt with them on the service provider
front and found this information so far confusing....


Just looking for feedback on increments itself... thank you.


Paul Stewart



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