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Wed Feb 11 15:28:48 UTC 2009

You can also use Lan Surveyor from us here @SolarWinds. There's a light
version called "Lan Surveyor Express" that discovers the network (layer
2 and 3) and then draws the topology for you in Visio.

You can of course buy it from SolarWinds.Com but there's also a special
link that we use to give it away to partners. Feel free to download to
download and use that one (free):


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> Hi,
> Ross Vandegrift wrote:
>> Is there any application that takes some kind of *simple* description
>> and produces a (possibly not so beautiful) picture?
> yes, Omnigraffle here as well. Can be simple AND beautiful.
> rgds,
> .m
Agreed. We use it for all our network and service diagrams.. probably  
because we're all Mac users! :D
Brad Fleming
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