Network equipments process utilization

Adam Armstrong lists at
Tue Feb 10 09:51:58 UTC 2009

Elmar K. Bins wrote:
> hank at (Hank Nussbacher) wrote:
>>>  - slow-CPU boxes like everything Cisco with SUPs, since the
>>>    CPU load _always_ jumps to 100% for short periods of
>>>    time - BGP needs something calculated ;-) I get interested
>>>    whenever CPU load _stays_ high
>> Yeah - Cisco would like to know why as well:
> I know ;-)
> But: This is not a churn problem, it's a problem of slow CPUs in
> allegedly big-and-fast boxes. I'd like a NPE-G2 blade for my
> 76's, as RP. Still, this is getting off-topic.

The MSFC4 in the RSP720 has a 1.2GHz 8548 PPC whereas the NPE-G2 has a 
1.67GHz 7448 PPC.

I'd guess the performance isn't all that far apart, especially as the 
MSFC4's processor isn't doing any forwarding.


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