allocation to verizon wireless

Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Sun Feb 8 13:09:36 UTC 2009

On 2/8/09 3:24 AM, Jeff S Wheeler wrote:
> Sure, smart phones are becoming more popular.  It's reasonable to assume
> that virtually all cell phones will eventually have an IP address almost
> all the time.

The numbers I keep seeing for so-called "smartphones" in the press for 
U.S. and Europe are 49% and 50% within two years, respectively.  Here's 
an article you might find interesting about the U.S. domestic market, 
and it may help you calculate what sort of growth rate we can expect in 
the future, when combined with both of the above numbers.  Put another 
way, the news is bad, but there is a cap on growth.



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