One /22 Two ISP no BGP

Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Sat Feb 7 11:16:44 UTC 2009

Re Charles,

this is all about control, so you don't lose connectivity in case something
outside your control fails.

The best idea so far is the ebgp-multihop idea with your ISP's transit
provider. This means speaking BGP to them yourself and taking care that
the traffic takes the intended path, too (will usually work).

If you can spare the money, I'd set up my own hubs on the "mainland",
tunnel to them through each of my ISPs and use that hub for the
routing of all incoming traffic. This does of course mean additional
hardware, housing, local loops and probably additional transit
providers. It would nonetheless give you full control.

The second best idea so far is that the NANOG people could "talk" to
your ISP(s)...this has worked in more than one case.

So - where is your island, how's the weather, and are you hiring? ;-)


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