One /22 Two ISP no BGP

Jason Biel jason at
Fri Feb 6 17:20:16 UTC 2009

Good point on ISP1 Steve, being they are limited already, they might be just

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Steve Bertrand <steve at> wrote:

> Jason Biel wrote:
> > The link that goes down will trigger that provider to remove the route,
> > traffic will swing and start coming in on the backup link.
> This is assuming that 'ISP1' has the capability to advertise the OP's
> route in the first place.
> What if ISP1 is simply a customer of another ISP, using PA space, and
> just reselling connectivity?
> Charles, you really need to find out what others have asked... can the
> ISP1 advertise your block of space for you, or do they really mean that
> they *can't* do BGP at all.
> Steve

Jason Biel

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