One /22 Two ISP no BGP

Charles Regan charles.regan at
Fri Feb 6 11:14:52 CST 2009

I'll explain. We are a small ISP on a very remote Island.
We have a /22 from ARIN. We have a 20mbits pipe from ISP1 and 20mbits from ISP2.

They are the only two we can get bandwidth.

So we are stuck with ISP1 that doesn't support BGP.

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Azinger, Marla
<marla.azinger at> wrote:
> im curiouse.  you probably had a reason for wanting to do that.  So cant you find another ISP that will do what you want?
> Cheers
> Marla
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> Subject: One /22 Two ISP no BGP
> I want to advertise my /22 to two different ISP on different POP.
> I can't use BGP as ISP1 doesn't support it.
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> Charles

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