v6 & DSL / Cable modems [was: Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space (IPv6-MW)]

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Fri Feb 6 02:48:24 UTC 2009

George William Herbert wrote:
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> Perhaps there are better ways to do all of this from the start.
> But IPv6 is not helping any of the ways we have evolved to deal
> with it.
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IPv6 does just fine with dynamic addressing and with static addressing. 
I'm not sure what your problem is. An ISP can still assign static 
addressing, and in fact, most ISP layouts will be *more* static than 
they were with IPv4. However, it will depend on their implementations 
and what they want.

As was explained to me, there were many BIG providers definitely putting 
their $0.02 in concerning IPv6. That's actually where full blown IPv6 
comes in, btw. Something to do with DOCSIS from what I understand; 
though that's way out of the scope of my telco self. I play with copper.


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