v6 & DSL / Cable modems [was: Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Thu Feb 5 19:13:35 UTC 2009

Joe Abley wrote:
> 4) Obtain PA space and do what you're doing with v4.
> 5) Obtain PI space and do what you're doing with v4.
> (4) is problematic because filtering long prefixes in v6 seems to be 
> more energetic than it is in v4. (5) is problematic if you don't qualify 
> for PI space.

As more people are pushed to IPv6, I see the longer prefixes being 
allowed more. The problem with the other options, while wonderful, is 
that they require end node support. There is no guarantee the end nodes 
will support shim6. This means to have proper redundancy, we'll still 
have to use the routing protocols.

If I'm wrong, please correct me. This is a good concern.


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