Database backed DNS Management Solutions

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Wed Feb 4 22:50:39 UTC 2009

Steven Crandell wrote:
> I'm a long time BIND user and recent convert to PowerDNS.
> I considered BIND-DLZ briefly but found that I wasn't excited about the DB
> retro-fit on a piece of software that was previously very much meant to live
> in the world of flat files.
> My initial intent was to try PowerDNS first and then give BIND-DLZ a test
> drive also, but I never got around to BIND-DLZ given how well PowerDNS
> performed.
> My only beef with PDNS is the inability to use master-slave replication to
> hosts that are not listed as type NS.
> This is by design but it nevertheless got in my way.
> I've since just set all domains to use native replication (e.g. db backend
> repliciation, Postgres/Slony in this instance) and absolutely could not be
> happier with the results.
> The amount of time I spend managing DNS has been reduced to almost nothing
> given how easily I can script my large operations.
> Still it pays to be wise: Use transactions!!

Always, always, *always* use a transaction-aware database with PowerDNS.
That said, I too am a happy user of PowerDNS using native database
replication. The recent January 27 release added a lot of good stuff.


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