Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space

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Tue Feb 3 21:18:42 UTC 2009

--On tisdag, tisdag 3 feb 2009 13.24.59 -0500 Matthew Huff <mhuff at>

> It's not just technical. Companies are reluctant to migrate to an IP
> address  owned by an ISP. We are one of those companies. If and when it
> is easy for us  to apply and receive our own Ipv6 address space, we will
> look at deploying  ipv6, but not until then. That's not a technical
> issue, but rather a business  decision, and it's not going to change. We
> aren't depending our network  resources on an external third-party,
> especially given their track record.

Renumbering will happen. Be prepared or cry louder when it happens. DNS was
invented for this, and v4 PA space is functionally equivalent to v6 here. 

Getting PI space only pushes the inevitable a bit, while lessening the
incentives to DTRT wrt IP address mobility. 

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