Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space

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Tue Feb 3 18:32:48 UTC 2009

Yes we all go to NANOG meetings and talk about these solutions but the change has to come from within. its not just a technical solution. There has to be motivation and incentive for people to make this change.


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Zaid Ali wrote:
> I don't consider IPv6 a popularity contest. It's about the motivation and the willingness to. Technical issues can be resolved if you and people around you are motivated to do so. I think there are some hard facts that need to be addressed when it comes to IPv6. Facts like 
> 1. How do we migrate to a IPv6 stack on all servers and I am talking about the 
>    thousands of servers that exist on peoples network that run SaaS, 
>     Financial/Banking systems. 
Just upgrade your load balancer (or request a feature from your load 
balancer company) to map an external IPv6 address to a pool of IPv4 
servers. Problem solved.

> 2. How do we make old applications speak IPv6? There are some old back-end systems 
>    that run core functions for many businesses out there that don't really have any
>    upgrade path and I don't think people are thinking about this.   
Continue to run IPv4 internally for this application. There's no logical 
reason that IPv4 can't continue to coexist for decades. Heck, people 
still run IPX, right?


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